Recent News

So Far, So Good!

The 2011 grape growing season has been unusual, to say the least, but then aren't they all!  The early rains and cooler temperatures set us back at the beginning of the growing season and I believe we have not yet caught up as the brix (sugar content) of the grapes are a little lower than usual.  However, with a little more sunshine and warm weather, we are hopeful that  it will turn out alright.  Organic farming requires a great deal of hand work to control weeds because we use no herbicides so marketing is very important.  We are looking forward to a good 2011 crop.

There are only a few cases of the Perfect Pair 2005 Syrah Merlot left.  These varietals teamed up amazingly well in the 50/50 blend.

Labor News

The labor house on Feingold Vineyards has been the home of Martin Calderon Avalos and Lorena Archundia and family for several years now.  The children continue to grow nicely (Brayan is 9 and Cynthia is 5) and Martin and Lorena continue to tend the vineyards.  This past season, Stan's recovery from hip replacement and spinal fusion operations and Martin's recovery from a hernia operation, complicated matters on the farm.  We were hard pressed at times to do the heavy lifting.  So the ladies stepped up big.  Lorena wouldn't let the men do anything if she was around.  My daughter Julie, a real trooper, was terrific.  Her help included all night spraying stints on the tractor and some of the heavy lifting.  We love her.  Stan and Roz seem to appreciate all the help they can get these days.

The "Chicken Inn" has increased its population and produces all the eggs we can eat.  However, we have noticed a lot of unhappiness in the coop lately.  The chickens are very tired of being cooped up.  It seems they have no trouble feasting on a long row of grapes a day if left to be the free vineyard range chickens they are used to being. After harvest it promises to be better for them.   Martin's family still has the major laboring oar in the Chicken Inn.